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OpenSim Forge provides free hosting for Open Source projects related to the main opensim project (such as alternative gridservers, plugins and region modules, etc). To apply for space for your project, create a user account, then apply from the control panel.


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Recent News
OSService interaction implemented
Jeroen van Veen

OSServices and it's hwios interface are ready. Now you can easily add services to oss, and control them from hwios. This functionality has several advantages:
* Controlling large numbers of simulators/services made easy
* Service status
* Direct console access through stdin pipes/xmlrpc interface
* OSS is crossplatform
* Services are started as subprocesses of OSS. When OSS dies, all service...

OSServices basic functionality works
Jeroen van Veen

OSServices is functional and secure now. Yesterday it got basic http authentication on top of the ssl encryption. Designing the oar distribution was a bit harder than i thought. It now has a public section, that is accessible through the browser(with user/pw or not), and it will get a service section, so each service can dump it's oars there.

The start/stop/kill service actions work pretty well...

0.6.6 installers released
Jeff Ames

Windows and Mac OS X installers for OpenSim 0.6.6 are now available!

0.2 Released
Sean Dague

I just released 0.2 of the Linux Service Scripts for OpenSim, which includes a much better status call which ensures that you can use these under an environment like monit. Please see the file releases for more info.

crossworld sensors & processing
Jeroen van Veen

I just found out about processing. It's a powerful concepting tool, which can be used in combination with Arduino boards as well. Maybe it's a good idea to start a forum thread about implementations. For instance, it can be used to make a messagingboard in rw, able to show stats from opensim.


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